Tranquil Hashplant F1

One of the other new drops coming very shortly Will be one of my older lines I pulled out of my fridge. There will be a total of 44 packs released, so again, a limited one.

Parents Are:

Tranquil Elephantizer (bodhi seeds) x Dragons Hashplant F1.

This cross is a vigorous broad leaf type, with a acrid hashy catpiss type terp profile. Some get heavy acrid Citrus Terps as well. Outdoors she is mid level resistances, as she produces big dense colas. Hardy outdoor selections were made, but this one can be a tougher one in bad years / harshest climates. Many phenotypes will have beautiful fades as well.

Smoke on this one is exactly what you would expect from hashplants - heavy sedative, pain killing, body numbing night time smoke, or for those with heavy pain issues, or nerve damage type issues.

I will be adding photos to the collage but enjoy an early sampling - these are compliments of our tester Skizzle420 - Who did a killer job running them indoors.

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