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Mister E
Mar 12, 2022
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Got some beans wet for the first time in a while it feels. Very excited to rock my dfg gear. Been seeing a ton of beautifully grown out picts on IG and can’t wait to add mine lol. We got through germination and the beans just hit the soil this morning. Put in pro mix hp cc, light feed of flora flex neuts to help them along and put some smaller clear cups over the beans to help with the helmet head. These are the 4 strains im running at this time, in hopes to find a mother from each for some indoor and outdoor fun this year. Never been a half pack kinda guy but wanted to dive in a little deeper then normal. 3 beans each, so 1/2 packs were pop’e. Cheers to all on here and let’s get this party started yo!
Hello, Mister E here
DFG journey officially started! content media
Mister E
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