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Apr 11, 2022
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Hi all, This is a run of 6 seeds sent to me as testers. I am soaking all 6 seeds in a shot glass of water. Then will be transferred to small seedling cups with domes. After a week or 2 I will be transplanting them to 3 gallon maybe 5 gallon fabric pots. I'll be growing in promix I got from my local Walmart for like 15 bucks. Nutes I'm using is MegaCrop by green leaf nutrients stuff is a simple one part mixed at .5 and increasing up to 1.7 EC used with tap water no ph or filtering. I'll be back in a few weeks with updates as thing progress.
4x4 first run (tester run) content media
Mar 10, 2022
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Brief rundown of my grow method: Medium- Promix lighting tech- Electric sky 180v2 Reason you are growing- medical / Recreational- it helps with my chronic shoulder and lower back pains REALISTIC plant- count 4 at most with a quick veg or 2 if vegging for 30 days or more Realistic timeline of when you can pop seeds- I'll be done with current run in 3 weeks. Any recurring issues you battle - IE - is mold an issue for you? certain pests? Season ends by a certain date? In a new place but have not had any issues so far. I'm planing this summer to be a quick 2-3 week veg before flip to flower trying to grow as many new strains as I can while not over growing my tent. -Length of time you have been growing- 4 years 1 photo that you are proud of that you want me to see as your consideration to be a tester. Garlic Stash #13 Any social media usernames you care to share - IG- dgrowscannabis @dragons flame genetics
Garlic Stash #13 First Run content media
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