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May 17, 2022
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@Jeff Hello I'm new here and relatively new to growing. I've placed a few orders with your company and I am extremely excited to work with your Genetics. I'm currently working put of 2 vivosun 8x8 tents. #1 Has a few plants currently in veg state. The other is empty awaiting seeds to arrive. My current setup Sunplix g2 800watt leds Cloud Choir and Big roots mixed 1:1 Feeding with Fishsh!t I grow currently to help alot of my friends and family, many of which are veterans/ retired military with ptsd, and depression issues. My Mother took her own life 3 years ago because of ptsd. So non stop since then I've been trying to help those who need help find and get help. The response has been so great I decided it was time to start growing to help the ones also struggling financially who can't always afford to find it locally. I plan to have more tents available soon. I have a very large building complete with insulation, a/c and exhaust fans. On average I pop 10-15 seeds per cycle Granted I'm only 2 years into this. I appreciate the opportunity to apply for this position. Either way I will continue to support you and your business. Thank you,
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